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DuPont Pioneer Launches Inoculant and Feed …

12/8/2015· Hay DuPont Pioneer Launches Inoculant and Feed Technology Offerings for 2016 PIONEER_HeroFullColor_CMYK High-yielding seed genetics are complemented by revolutionary new silage inoculant and

Pioneer Forage Additives | Holland Patent & Rome, NY | …

Achieve optimum health through forage additives in Holland Patent and Rome, NY When you want to maximize the value of your silage and get more out of every acre you feed, Pioneer forage additives are what you need for a high-yield crop. They use proprietary

CropSaver Hay Preservative - Profitable Farming

CropSaverTM hay and straw preservative. This product does what it says on the can; controls mould and bacteria, which stops high moisture hay from heating, totally machinery safe at 6.0pH. Now you can bale with confidence with moistures from 16% to 30% without the need of plastic shrink wrapping. The automatic applior system is controlled

Agricultural Inoculants | Corteva Agriscience

Pioneer ® brand inoculants are developed from patented and/or proprietary crop-specific bacteria to help optimize silage quality. The bottom line: with higher lactic acid content and better digestibility, your tle can produce more milk and more meat. Local Support. Global Expertise. Our inoculants team brings you unmatched local support

Extension - Silage inoculants: What the research tells us …

Inoculants are a tool to reduce dry matter losses, typically by 2-3 percentage units. So they have a role in reducing losses. However, they have their biggest effect on losses when used together with good silage management practices. Space. U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center. 1925 Linden Dr. West, Madison, WI 53706.

The Juice Buffered Propionic Acid Hay Preservative

The highest quality hay is an important factor in the health of cows, horses and all livestock. The Juice is an industry leading buffered propionic & citric acid hay preservative with active ingredients that deliver superior results. Hay bales treated with The Juice stay fresh longer, maintain their green colour and retain valuable nutrients.

DuPont Pioneer forage inoculant patent upheld - …

20/11/2012· DuPont Pioneer recently prevailed in a major European patent challenge to its bacterial strain used in the Pioneer brand inoculants portfolio. The decision in favor of Pioneer by the European Patent Office (EPO) means that the key bacterial strain designed to improve fiber digestibility for livestock is patent-protected and covers all Pioneer fiber technology as silage inoculants.

Technical Insight 101 | …

Pioneer offers a comprehensive range of crop specific inoculant products as well as Pioneer ® brand 1174 which is a multi-purpose inoculant suitable for use on all types of silage. Pioneer® brand 1132, 1127, 11H50 and 1174 give a faster, more efficient fermentation reducing …

Homemade hay preserve applior -

27/6/2017· Homemade hay preserve applior along with baler mounted moisture tester.

Hay Additive Review - Pioneer Hi Bred International

hay as the fifth-largest U.S. crop in terms of dollar volume sold (following corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton) with estimates of the cash hay market in the 3.4 billion dollar range

DuPont Pioneer introduces Inoculant Value …

29/8/2012· The Pioneer Inoculant Value Calculator is a calculator/product selection tool that helps producers gain a “hands-on” look at how inoculants can make a difference in their operations. Click here to view the calculator.

Inoculant sprayer on small, square baler - Machinery - …

9/12/2015· Inoculant sprayer on small, square baler - posted in Machinery: Ive been making small square hay bales for a few years and have just bought a McHale 995LM small wrapper. Ive been thinking about adding an inoculant sprayer to my baler to improve wrapped bale quality. Ive spoken with a few inoculant suppliers and they havent a clue about small bales. Theyre happy to sell boxes/bottles of

Homemade hay preserve applior -

27/6/2017· Homemade hay preserve applior along with baler mounted moisture tester.

Heavy Duty Liquid Appliors from CropCare Equipment

Heavy Duty Liquid Appliors. CropCare ® Liquid Appliors are designed for use on balers, baggers, and other equipment to apply liquid inoculants and preservatives. These appliors are versatile to cover many different crops and appliion rates, and are easily mounted on most equipment.

Granular Appliions For Hay, Silage Inoculants

3/2/2017· After being approached by a silage inoculant company about the need for a bigger dry inoculant applior for silage choppers, Dynamo Company designed two new appliors that mount directly on hay and silage harvesters as well as balers. The poly appliors

Culbac® Hay:All-Natural, Organic-Approved Inoculant …

When hay moisture is below 22%, apply at 2.5 ounces of Culbac® Forage Liquid per ton of hay. When hay moisture is above 22% use a double rate of 5.0 ounces. Mix Culbac® Forage liquid with water and apply one quart to one gallon of mix per ton of hay through a low pressure applior at the cutter, conditioner or baler.

Effect of Microbial Inoculants on the Nutritive Value …

1/12/1993· Alfalfa hay was of average quality, and the concentrate DM averaged 26.3% CPo The mix tures of water and inoculant applied to forages at ensiling contained 73 X 10 6 cfu (Ecosyl® inoculant) and 32 x 10 6 cfu (Pioneer® 1174)/ml of lactic acid-producing bacteria.

11B91 - Inoculantes Pioneer® | Corteva Agriscience™

Fuente: Pioneer Livestock Nutrition Center, Iowa. Resumen de dos ensayos. La recuperación de materia seca, la estabilidad aeróbica y la composición de nutrientes se determin para el ensilaje de maíz no inoculado (control) y para el ensilaje de maíz ® 1.

Hay Preservative Appliors and Precision Components

• Hay baled at 16% to 22% will heat to over 115 F, causing discoloration and the loss of its fresh smell . • Between 23% and 26%, hay can reach temperatures of over 120 F in storage, causing brown to black caramelized hay . • Moisture levels of over 27%

Inoculant use and comparisons - Progressive Dairy

3/8/2018· Choose a wet or dry inoculant based on how well you can keep it alive before and while applying, and how well you can mix it with the crop. Summary points Homo-fermentative inoculants are best to improve dry matter recovery and animal performance, particularly with hay crop silages.

DuPont Pioneer`s New Alfalfa Forage Inoculant. | Farms

6/2/2014· DuPont Pioneer brings dairy producers increased nutritional value with new alfalfa inoculant Alfalfa fibre technology, inoculant 11AFT, offers producers another choice in higher performance forage Dupont Pioneer News CHATHAM, Ontario, -- DuPont Pioneer announced the launch of Sila-Bac® brand 11AFT inoculant, the third product in the revolutionary DuPont Pioneer fibre technology platform.

Appliors | Agri-King

Agri-King carries a wide variety of appliors to fit your harvesting equipment to help ensure the proper appliion of Silo-King®. Agri-King works with you to achieve ensiling the best forage under various conditions. We offer a Silo-King® applior for every …

PIONEER Brand 1155 - North Forty Seed Company

HAY INOCULANT PIONEER ® Brand PIONEER® brand products are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labeling and purchase documents. Pioneer is a brand name; nuers identify varieties and products. ®, SM TM

DuPont Pioneer Launches Inoculant and Feed …

6/8/2015· DuPont Pioneer today announced the launch of Pioneer® brand Nutrivail feed technology and Rapid React aerobic stability* technology. These two brands represent a breakthrough,Hay Biz This item has been supplied by a forage marketer and has not been edited

Multi-Crop Silage Inoculants | Pioneer® Seeds Australia

Pioneer ® brand products 1174 is a multi-crop inoculant designed for use on all silage including cereal, legume, pasture, forage sorghum and maize. This inoculant contains multiple strains of Pioneer ® patented proprietary Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterococcus faecium. Pioneer ® brand products inoculant 1174 is proven in Australian and

Team FIN test: Pioneer Appli-Pro Applior system | …

26/4/2012· The Pioneer Appli-Pro Super Low Volume (SLV) Applior System is a new way to apply inoculant to silage using low volumes of inoculant. We put the SLV applior on our self-propelled forage harvester and our round baler to see how it worked. We hadn’t used

Home Page - Harvest Tec

Harvest Tec''s specialized appliion equipment and hay preservative are available through the major manufacturers of hay harvesting implements. Your local dealer can assist you in setting up your baler or forage harvester to apply preservatives. This webpage

granular forage preservative - Alfalfa/Hay - HayTalk - …

2/11/2009· granular forage preservative - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: hello-does anyone have any experience with this type of product- does it work similar to/not as good as liquid-anything to look out for any comments are welcome-thanks

Microbiological program | Delta Agrar

Inoculant 1155: It enables earlier baling, which reduces the risk of damage due to weather conditions. Hay baled with 1155 is fresher and smells more pleasant, emphasizing its taste. Advantages: Allows earlier baling with moisture from 15% to 25%. 10 - 15%

Preservation of Alfalfa Hay by Microbial Inoculation at …

Baling hay at higher moistures reduces harvest losses, but increases storage losses due to microbial deterioration. This study investigates the potential of microbial inoculants in preserving the app